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Ray Favourite

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By • Sep 7th, 2007 • Category: demonstration

A note from reader Ray Favourite, who tells is in his hand-written note that he has “some songs and half a band”. Modest chap indeed – the half a band sounds like they are very much the fully-formed article with full percussion and strings on ‘Don Juan’ triumphant, to say nothing of a small choir (or multitracked vocals) which has a big, even epic sound with lofty ambitions which are just-about realised. Think the Waterboys (music) with Nick Cave (music,vocals and slight strangeness) and you’re around quarter-way there. 5 tracks on this demo which we’re told he gives away at shows in advance to a proper album. ‘Mark an X on My Door’ is a top title and the sound – Tom Waits gone industrial – is one to match the comedy skulls and crosses on the hand-drawn sleeve (more of which at his myspace site). Even the titles are deathly cool – ‘Ghostownish’, ‘Salem Plains’ – and musically it’s go the lot – strummy singalongs, funereal death eulogies, delivered with the menace of Bela Lugosi at Halloween. If we’re all going to hell in a handcart then Ray’s favourite to be driving the thing.

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