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Randolph’s Leap

Billed as “Olive Grove karaoke and Randolph’s Leap”, the show, in the always welcoming, cool and great Glad Cafe started with various RL members and other randoms doing their Xmas thang to the Youtube generated tracks. Adam started, Pete and Ali followed and there were a couple of good outsiders (yer man from Campfires in Winter did a mean ‘Mack the Knife’, and there was a great rendition of ‘Boots for Walking’ from a karaoke pro).

The Leap were in Xmas party mood but chief singer/songwriter had a few gripes, and gave us last year’s festive song about being ill with disease, and this Xmas’ song ‘Burn It All’. We also got Leap standards ‘Weatherman’ – such a good song – and ‘I Can’t Dance…’ Adam’s wry lyrics and delivery was again great and the rest of the band complemented him perfectly, as per usual.

A great Xmas show from an evergreen band…