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Randolph’s Leap

They Didn't See Us Coming (Olive Grove)

By • Jun 5th, 2021 • Category: Single review

So after 22/23 years the Scottish football team are in a major competition, and The Leap have just the song to spur them on!

It is a jaunty and ironic wee number, full of self-deprecation, but hopeful as well, the band putting in a bravura performance with references to “that” boogie number, and arriving fashionably late, i.e. by the skin of their teeth (the team that is, not the band!).

A great singalong chorus and although there are other unofficial songs out there (The Lafontaines for one) this is the one that BM will be humming as the team takes the pitch for their Euro 2020/21 matches.

C’mon The Leap!

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