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Rainbow Skull

Rainbow Skull (Rainbow Skull)

By • Feb 21st, 2020 • Category: Album review

‘Spot the influence’ is an entertaining game, but this Midlands trio rather spoil our fun with ‘Grunge Rock 92’, where they “wanna sing in a voice like Kurt”, before lurching into a catchy tune harking back to the US east coast 20 years ago.

However, it follows opening track ‘When I Come Down’, rooted in 1977 or thereabouts, all Buzzcock-y vocals and a nagging three note guitar riff.

Other highlights in this lo-fi collection include the chugging chainsaw guitar opening on ‘The Song Song’ which leads us to a hypnotic mantra and the ultimate in slacker lyricsm: “The words go like this, and the melody goes like this”, while closing tune ‘Sons & Daughters’ takes their grab bag of musical heroes and mashes them up in a glorious genre-melding wigout.

This article originally appeared in the Bo’ness Journal.

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