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Radiophonic Tuckshop

Running Commentary (Last Night From Glasgow)

By • Aug 1st, 2017 • Category: short players

Only one in a slew of LNFG Records (how do they keep up, this year has been a blur so far…) releases in 2017, new signings Radiophonic Tuckshop introduce themselves to the world with this euphoric and glorious 5 track EP.

The Tuckshop comprises main creative force Joe Kane (previously of Dr Cosmos Tape Lab and a key collaborator in the Ette Music project). He is joined by various other very seasoned and capable musicians to create a summery, psychedelic sound for 2017.

The opening title track starts with taut riffs and goes on to sound almost like the Monkees (this is a compliment!) – the beats are tight, the words witty and brief, nuff said – breezy, great chord changes and a great shakedown towards the end.

‘Buried Alive’ is just classic pop, with a touch of surrealism and Beatles-esque whimsy. The guitar chords are crisp, the words are eccentric and the chorus is lovely, even a stompier bit nearer the end, and there is a touch of Teenage Fanclub at their most laid back.

The other three tracks also sound great but BM’s computer is having problems playing them – so let us just leave it at that…

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