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Radar Bros.

Edinburgh Cabaret Voltaire (Monday April 14th 2008)

By • Apr 19th, 2008 • Category: Gig review

“Hello, everyone, we’re the smokey mountain boys,” quips Jim Putnam, as the Radar Bros. launch into ‘Shoveling Sons.’

Wow. Of all the tunes I really wanted to hear, this was the one -and they’ve started with it! The Radar Bros. are in the UK promoting their new album Auditorium. Though they are based in LA, given that their records are released in the UK via seminal Scottish indie label Chemikal Underground, it’s appropriate that they should be here in Scotland.

Unfortunately, the attendance at the gig is woeful, and whilst Cabaret Voltaire isn’t one of Scotland or even Edinburgh’s bigger venues, it’s a real shame that such a great live act as this is playing to such a thin audience.

But, no matter. Because the hour long set is an absolute treat for those of us who are there. For those who’ve never heard Radar Bros, their sound, without wishing to pigeonhole, would be filed under Americana, rather than, say, Indie or Country & Western. Jim’s voice is unlike Jason Lyttle’s but the music is reminsicent of Grandaddy minus the Psychedelic element or Pavement circa Terror Twilight.

By the third song, ‘Rock Of the Lake’ I’m easing into a gentle mellow state, completely due to the music. Lake’s obviously feature a fair bit in their titles, as they also play ‘Lake Life’ from the new album. Having never seen them live before, but been aware of them since they were first released in the UK, I hugely rate this show.

Given their back catalogue, technically they could have played for longer, but the hour they do give us sends us out into the Monday night air refreshed and cheered. Come back soon, guys.

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