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Quiet, The Art

And The Rains Came / Don't Give Up, Hope (bandcamp)

By • Feb 21st, 2021 • Category: Single review

A new double A-side release from Scottish duo Quiet, The Art, this follows-up ‘Spiders‘ from last June.

There’s a spoken word quote from someone (not sure who!) at the start and throughout the first track ‘And The Rains Came’ during which the instrumentation burbles up, guitar, drums and other stuff, and over five minutes it works itself up into a crescendo of noise, with some nods to post-rock and film music influences. It is fresh and original, and following on from previous releases is a good and worthy development…

The second track is shorter, with a more focused structure, vocals to the fore, and more melodic, quite a contrast really to the first track, and all the better for it! There are keyboard flourishes, urgent guitar riffs and some OTT drum playing, excellent… then it stops very suddenly.

All in all an interesting release and BM wishes this lot all the best in this gig-free desert of a year…

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