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Probably Finlay

The Unquiet Grave (2453875 Records DK)

By • Mar 24th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Not the cheeriest of subjects perhaps – based on an old folk story about a boy waiting at the grave of his slain young love – there’s something about this tune.

Maybe it’s the half-Costa Rican Scot’s softly-intoned, fractured vocal that makes for a pleasurable listen, or perhaps it’s the orchestration that Finlay Mayers Porras has put together. Roping in pals to provide brass and strings, and orchestrating the whole kaboodle himself, what is a pleasant hook-driven tune shines through, building to a decidedly jaunty climax in the style of The Delgados or Divine Comedy.

Apparently set to study at the RCS, it seems that any lofty ambitions from this talented young fellow could well be fulfilled.

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