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POZI / Calum Easter / Snout

Another great night at the Old Hair, thanks to the Underachievers Club…

First on, Snout, who were a wee bit ramshackle but charmed with their songs, somewhere between The Replacements and something else – fair play to them, they had some good toons; could with some development, but tracks like ‘Spinning Top’ were very good indeed – so what BM means is they could be far better, ie they have the DNA to do it, and this is a very early gig in their career for a great bunch of players!

Next on, Callum Easter has been review by BM before but this was the best yet. There must have been something in the air (the rain fecking poured that night) but he was really on fire. It hard to describe exactly what he does, but there is the accordion, his voice and some weird beat from his vintage box of tricks. Most of the tracks tonight were from his excellent debut album ‘Here or Nowhere’, and the best audience reaction tonight was for ‘I Just Want To Love’ and ‘Feelings Gone’. This was an amazing performance, not much chat but the songs spoke, good God they did, and BM thinks he could or should be 2019’s biggest breakthrough and fair play to Lost Map for backing him.

POZI were making their Glasgow debut tonight, and they made a good show of it, drums/vocals, fiddle and bass, they initially were a bit low key but ramped it up a bit when the single was played (‘Engaged’ – Christ is it a great track). At other times there were traces of Slaves, and even English folk bands like Fairport (maybe the fiddle) and they made a fair old, very enjoyable racket.