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Post Coal Prom Queen

Salt (self-released)

By • Jan 31st, 2021 • Category: Single review

PCPQ (formerly known as L-Space) have put this new track out in advance of a new EP, due in April.

It is another cracking track from the Scottish-based combo, conjuring up spacey landscapes and touching the territory between dreampop, trance and something altogether their own. The vocals are honey-dripping, while the synths and processed beats complement them perfectly.

The lyrics and visual imagery invoke some doomy themes, mainly rising oceans, mixed with personal existential dread, always good for January but especially apt in 2021!

PCPQ have been one of the most innovative and interesting acts on the Scottish scene for a couple of years and they continue to excite – BM hopes 2021 will be their best year yet!

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