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Your Colours Will Stain (PIAS)

By • Nov 25th, 2019 • Category: Album review

In the early parts of this album, you will hear echoes of Monster-era R.E.M – a group knowing their true strengths and determined to push sonic boundaries further.

As it progresses, the band go more into Portishead territory, creating a very tinted atmosphere that has you looking over your shoulder.

While you are listening to this album – where many tales of woe and of love lost are told in first person narrative – you’re seeing both characters in each scenario. I kept on picturing these guys performing in some pokey wee club, late at night. And, in songs like ‘Killer’s Mind’ and ‘You Misread Me’, you’ll find bits coming back to you in the following days.

Portland have an Ian McEwan-esque knack of coining phrases that burn deep into your synapses. And each of those are salted and seasoned with guitar work that would make Peter Buck’s heart swell.

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