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Or Optimism (...)

By • Aug 30th, 2009 • Category: demonstration

A demo, I believe, from a Dundee act, but surely they’ll soon get something released. ‘Or Optimism’ it already sounds like there’s several things going on, a head-nodding beat is chopped out and sets up the second guitar that comes in and skews off on a tangent only to be replaced by a third rhythm, and it all goes a bit prog until… everything merges together in one glorious nearly-mess. There’s almost too much happening – precise drums and spidery bass on top of the hundreds of guitars – but as their name suggests there’s a very definite ethos behind it, that being the ear for a hook. Plus, just as you’re getting into it; it comes to an end, like all good pop should.
‘My Pompeii Cat’ is, in a sense more of the same but again the tune is so distinctive and inventive that they get away with it… did I mention that there’s no singing on it. With the best bits of Dananananaykroyd and Hot Club de Paris, it needs none. Definitely a band going places.

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