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Herbarium (Megaphon)

By • Apr 7th, 2010 • Category: Album review

Well, what can one really say about this album, really, within the first five minutes of listening I was on the verge of either slitting my wrists from boredom, or snapping the CD in half. However as neither were an option I decided to write this warning/review instead.

‘Herbarium’ can be easily described as instrumental ramblings. The first track was quite easily the strangest piece of ‘music’ I have ever heard, a combination of snippets from former tracks, which was undeniably the worst way to start off the album, especially for a Poostosh virgin, as it were.

The Moscow-based band have obviously tried to create something new and interesting, but have instead managed to make some downright depressing music. There really cannot be any way to describe the difference between tracks as they (all 14 of them) were painfully alike.

The range of instruments used were impressively vast, everything from bass to ‘enlightening bells’, whatever they may be.

Not to mention the very strange song names including ‘Corneal Abrasion’, which is a medical term for a scrape to your eye?

Overall, even if I was accustomed to listening to instrumental, I would not choose to have ‘Herbarium’ or Poostosh on my playlist.
Poostosh - Herbarium

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