Single review


“Shoegaze supergroup” Piroshka’s new single is a prelude to their second album, out in July, and what a great piece of work it is!

A hefty five minutes of riffage from the killer combination of Miki Berenyi, KJ McKillop, Mick Conroy and Justin Welch, who have previously been in too many 90s combos to mention (you can look them up readers, but let’s not dwell on the past, this is new music!).

The sound is sophisticated, layered, with some really catchy hooks, but also emotional – Miki’s vocals reference “a terrible year”, and there is an underlying preoccupation with death! Oh great!

BM is not going to make too many comparisons, let’s just say that it is a pumping slice of shoegaze magic from past masters who still have something to prove. The first album and Glasgow live date back in 2019 were spectacular and BM is glad that they are back for a second helping.