Gig review

Piroshka / Velveteen Riot / Daisy Miles

Fair play to the promoter of this gig who as well as getting “Shoegaze Supergroup” Pitroshka to Scotland for the first time, gave us two excellent support acts.

Starting quite early doors, West of Scotland local Daisy Miles began a wee bit nervously but found her stride quickly. Her one-woman guitar loop and electronic percussion set-up included a step ladder for the drum machine, very rock ‘n’ roll! Her treated voice and wispy but bluesy guitar lines suggested something a bit Cocteau Twins-influenced but there were also shades of more recent stuff like Banks or Lorde. Some great original tunes and then a surprise Pink Floyd cover, ‘Breathe’ from ‘Dark Side’, probably the best Floyd cover since The Scissor Sisters tackled ‘Comfortably Numb’.

Next up was Velveteen Riot, another relatively local act. A four-piece who have released tracks on Bandcamp and had some physical product available on the night, this lot rock the rafters of a quite full venue. They have brought some of their own fans and there’s a bit of dancing. The two girls (both on guitars/vocals alternating the lead vocal between songs) were both excellent frontwomen and players while the two guys provided a great backline for the propulsive songs. The songs had a bit of shoegaze, bit of riotgrrl, some indie rock and loads of character. This band is great fun to watch, clearly enjoying what they are doing – BM hopes to see more of them this year and the single ‘Peaches’ is available. Last track in the nine song set ‘Model Girl’ ended in a shouty diatribe of indignation that Kathryn Hannah would have been very proud of!

The headliners do indeed have quite the pedigree – drummer Justin played in Elastica, bass player Mick was in Modern English, MJ “Moose” McKillop in Mouse (obviously!) and Miki Berenyi was one half of the songwriting duo in Lush. Joined by a backing vocalist/tambourine player and a keyboard/electronics played they make up a formidable six-piece and they tear through pretty much all of their debut LP ‘Brickbat’. The songs are well-crafted, mature and often sarcastic, a bit world weary on occasion but absolute belters bars none.

It is so enjoyable seeing Miki spitting out some withering words, (see ‘This Must be Bedlam’) and putting some real chords and thrash down on that guitar. The girl/woman for which once many indieboy hearts swooned at is now a real woman of the world, but still can deliver a killer couplet. Highlights for BM were ‘Hated By The Powers That Be’, heavy on guitar, and if you don’t mind Miki, BM is reminded of another key 90s band Dubstar, who BM has been listening to a lot recently, BM does hope they have a similar rejuvenation….

This was just a glorious celebration of musical talent, everyone on stage playing their hearts out… of course there have been other indie supergroups, Minor Victories for example, who made a fab album and did a fab show at Glasgow Art School in, oh crap, 2016. And of course there was Mastersystem, which will be forever foreshadowed by sadness, but my God they were good live…

After such a good show it did not take much from the audience to persuade this lot to get back on stage for a cheeky cover of The Au Pairs ‘It’s Obvious’ – which took a wee while for us in the audience to place but we did make it, and what a stunning cover it was… just the icing on the cake for a great night….

BM also really enjoyed chatting to Miki earlier, she was out at the front checking out the support bands… thanks so much for bothering with Glasgow and see you all next time…