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Dead men tell tall tales (Q&A with Eton Mess)

By • May 30th, 2013 • Category: Feature

A quickie with a Dirty Dirty Rascal; finding time to pin this man down is a killer, but I have my ways of making Pirate Sons’ front man, Ceallaigh Corbishley talk.

1. Your new EP ‘233U’ – where does the name stem from? Is it a private joke we lowly mortals shall forever keep guessing?
233U is the address of the flat/carnival that two thirds of the band has inhabited for the last year or so. It’s difficult to describe; like most cult films, it wouldn’t make sense if you tried. Shaped by the regular visits from travellers, couch-surfers, degenerates, night owls and the police. This place has supported, intoxicated, invigorated and inspired the band.

2. Your sound is not really like any other band in Scotland at the moment. Where do you draw your influences?
From most things black. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Keys, Black Sabbath, Black Angels and Black Lips. Not kidding, those are our influences. Maybe The White Stripes… it’s still a shade. Fifty shades of cray… ok I’m getting carried away.
Pirate Sons

3. Pirate Sons seem to have a reputation for being party crazed. What would be your ideal PARTY? Where would it be held, WHO would be there, WHAT would be happening?
Out on a desert… no, a beach. A desert-beach. At night but one section of the party is daytime 24/7 so you can choose at your convenience. Who would be there? Anyone that wants to come. No dickheads. Is that too specific? Basically no one that goes to parties to pick a fight. I’d set up another concert featuring Akon and Pitbull to keep them astray. There would be people surfing down hills on actual surfboards, foam pits, elaborate and unnecessary pranks, obviously music everywhere and fire works in the night section of the desert-beach-rainforest party.

4. Your style..(Uh-hmmm)…what are you wearing right now?
Black. If not black then either onesies or fur coats. Or both.

5. What one song must be played at your one of your parties? What song must be played when you’re DJING? What song must be played as The Song at your funeral? (PS Don’t die.)
Moth Wings – ‘Pond’ always gets played at the parties. I like to start the night with ‘Fire’ by Arthur Brown’ and maybe for my funeral… MC Hammer’s ‘Can’t Touch This’ Though I can’t speak for the others.

5. What’s the story behind the artwork for your EP?
That’s one of our flatmates. He usually gets the bathroom mixed up with his bed and vice versa (I hope he doesn’t read this). We didn’t actually ask him before we made it the EP cover but that’s what you get when you’re found asleep on the bathroom floor with your pants down. This is actually pretty common for said flatmate and we thought it summed up the flat pretty well. This is a drawing of the photo done by the amazing artist Sarah Muirhead who has done art work for DM LOVERS too. I recommend everyone check out her art. We could not use the uncensored photo, hence the logo covering his bits.

7. Tell us what to expect at your launch night?
We have been really lucky to get three amazing bands to support us. I don’t know how. First up is Edinburgh veteran shredders Fitzroy Soul. We’ve played with them a couple of times. They own blues/rock music. Like they should have the rights to that genre and they’re great, really nice guys. Up next is The Botson Cartel, remnants of well-known Edinburgh band: The Remnant Kings, they haven’t even played many gigs yet and already their buzz is huge, that’s not fair is it? After that it’s we have Blindfolds as main support from Glasgow. These boys sell out venues like Tut’s and they’re in T-Break at T In The Park this year and they fucking deserve it. Great tunes, great style and great dudes. They’ve hooked us up with so many shows in Glasgow and we’re stoked to have them at our launch. I recommend after you check out Sarah Muirhead, you check these bands out.
It’s the DM Lovers club night. There is no other night like this in Edinburgh. You got a tuck shop, toast, drawing boards, a really unique crowd and awesome tunes. This night will be it’s 4th night running and the momentum it’s getting is exciting.

8. Who would you most like to punch if you could get away with it?
Dare I?… Simon Cowell. I hate what he’s done to music. Smart man though but it’d be great to give him a wee smack.

9. How do you take your tea?

10. Finally, as The Kinks say, “This time tomorrow, where will we be?”
On a spaceship somewhere, sailing across an empty sea.

Pirate Sons ‘233U’ EP Launch will be held on 2nd June at Cabaret Voltaire this Sunday 2nd June, from 7pm – £7 on the door.

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