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Peter Cat

Hand Through Hair (Peter Cat)

By • Jul 18th, 2018 • Category: Single review

Peter Cat has certainly not been on BM’s radar until now. This looks like his second single, presumably recorded with other musicians, and is an alluring melange of Momus, The Callstore, B&S, Franz Ferdinand and some other alchemy which somehow makes it sound very now…

There is a place for songs which start “through a haze of raw tobacco…”, crescendo with a ‘Ballroom Blitz’-style stomp, and end like Go Kart Mozart meeting The Glitter Band in a back alley. Mr Cat, aka Graham Gillespie, is based in Glasgow as far as BM can tell, sings in an assured baritone and has been gigging around the place for a couple of years.

A very strong track, rousing of chorus and darn catchy.

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