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Pete Wylie

Glasgow King Tut's (Saturday 18th October)

By • Oct 19th, 2014 • Category: gig reviews

Pete Wylie – part-time rock star, full-time legend, as his website says – is attempting to resuscitate his career after a number of wilderness years, and decades (“Haven’t released a record this century”). A man with a lengthy career, some success and quite a lot of failure, however there is always more, or at least promise of it.

This was a great night, despite some early obstacles. BM managed to get her first freebie for a long time (thanks, boys) from the DF guys (think 118 guys but with, oh fiddle de dee, never mind, they take me back, not around the back, oh crap that’s quite a big… no really officer).

So Pete and young sidekick had just started when BM bashed her heels up the walk of fame at KT’s, and the voice is still intact, the ego more self-deprecating. So it is all good, worth coming out for, not just a nostalgia thing, life in the old dog etc.

This is quite hard a piece to just toss off (missus), Wylie was one of BM’s childhood heroes (shakespearoes) – ‘Seven Minutes To Midnight’ and the odd instrumental ‘Saa-tisfaction’ on the piano gave BM some relief (redundant joke insert) from the relentless cheerleader routines of Airdrie in the 1970s (sorry Airdrie, and all past, current and future residents, I feel though we have to be tough on Airdrie, the causes of Airdrie and this must never happen again – sorry again on behalf of…)

Oh fiddle de dee, off the map again – did BM mention he was from the ‘Pool. He gave good repartee, namechecked the usual suspects, nice anecdote about lead singer from Cast not knowing words to ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’, cardinal sin doon in those pairts.

(and by the way, BM is not a polymath, she is a Dollymath, with these implants, hell yeah)

Wylie is threatening two albums next year, album one and album two – evil twin of one.

Some new songs were played, but mainly folk were here for the so-called oldies.

And he delivered, although in desperate need of backing singers on the bigger hitters, BM suggests that his wife-to-be steps up but realises this is just a faux-pas, sorry all previous PW singers and future ones, will get my stole, or fox-fur , or whatever it was…

Rants were done, jokes were told, the expected subjects but no less trenchant (oh fuck that is the best word BM has never used, have that one on speed dial as some stupid fuckers say…), Hillsborough, Birmingham Six.

The crowd was great, when Pete fluffed his guitar change and couldn’t get next one to work (it was all acoustic btw), and mentioned not getting paid for some Farm-related project the crowd responded with ‘All Together Now’, also ‘YNWA’ was sung during inter-song pauses.

Yer man wears his heart on his sleeve, admits his gobshite tendencies and can laugh at himself, so good luck to Wylie in 2015 with the two planned albums.

Encore was indeed ‘Seven Minutes’, a song BM at a tenderised age thought was just about being stood up, but due to mangled lyrics and shit transistors (excellent band name, you can have that one for free, feckers), was in fact about the threat of nuclear apoc (oh shit, cannae type this one, day job is truly fOOOed), apologies to Tyrell Corp and quit job on the spot…

Wylie threatens to be back with full band next year, if this happens BM will be first in line to offer limited sexual favours to be his next backing singer, (wasn’t going to mention the “Scouse Meatloaf” thing, wisnae me what said that, he did say he was a fat bastard though so BM could help, diet just being whatever BM is best at, but Peter is about to get married so a strict Boot Camp humiliation shot would be recommended).

Would be grand to see him back and OMG not mentioned the phrase “professional Scouser” the entire time – only joking, yeah if you could see BM’s tell, but that would be telling…

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