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Penguins Kill Polar Bears

Six questions (posed by Emma Parks)

By • Dec 13th, 2010 • Category: Feature

There are some bands that you can’t bring yourself to like. Some you think “what is all the fuss all about?”. Some bands don’t have what it takes and still get all the success. But this band, Penguins Kill Polar Bears, can wipe the floor with all of them.
Penguins Kill Polar BearsThey are truly great. I for one need them in my life. I need them because they are what new music is all about. It’s powerful, it’s gut wrenching, it’s brilliant and makes a lot of bands pale in comparison. They deserve to reap the rewards. And I’m not the only one who thinks that.

With shitloads of growing fans, and supporting acclaimed bands such as Errors and Twilight Sad, not to mention a new ep and tour, 2011 is set to be an exciting year for PKPB.

Before headlining at Edinburgh’s Electric Circus on December 12th (with support from Shutter and I Build Collapsible Mountains by the way!), the band took some time out to answer our interview questions… this is what they had to say for themselves.

1: If you died and you had the choice to come back as any creature, what would it be and why?
Gavin: I’d come back as a shark because they are incredible animals. I’d also go to Egypt and eat loads of people.
Fraser: Do dinosaurs count? I mean, I know they’ve been extinct for quite a while now but if I was to come back it would be as a velociraptor or something… could turn quite a few heads there.
Kieran: A sloth. I reckon It would be quite an easy transition.
Ben: I’d come back as a kangaroo because they’re giant rabbits with a hefty pocket to store secrets and stolen granny handbags.

2: What was the first album you ever bought?
Gavin: Pinkerton by Weezer.
Fraser: I think it was Queen’s Greatest Hits. I must have been about 8 and had seen Wayne’s World. I’m not really so keen on Queen these days. I think Wayne’s World has been a much bigger influence.
Kieran: My sister gave me a copy of To The Extreme by Vanilla Ice when I was 7 or 8. That album shaped me as a person.
Ben: Frogstomp by Silverchair

3: Which song do you wish you had written?
Gavin: Reign in Blood by Slayer.
Fraser: I’m quite fond of Common People by Pulp.
Kieran: Emotion Sickness by Silverchair.
Ben: La Moustache Formidable by Mimas

4: The new album, Vessels & Veins, is released in February – which song is your favourite?
Gavin: My favorite would have to be ‘Something Old Is Here’. It’s a song we jammed out together and it all came together in a very natural way. The wall of sound at the end of the song always gives me goosebumps every time i hear it.
Fraser: I really like ‘Fibia’ (name subject to change). I think the recording has turned out really well for that one.
Kieran: I’d have to go for ‘Lungs’. It’s one of the heaviest things we’ve written and easily my favourite song to play live.
Ben: ‘Lungs’! I like to finish the set on ‘Lungs’ because I get to scream, and generally go aff my head – it’s a nice stress buster.

5: After your tour in the new year, what festivals can we expect to see you at in the Summer?
Gavin: I’d really like to play Wickerman, a few of my friends go every year and I’ve yet to experience the madness.
Fraser: I’m trying to convince Make Sparks to put Electric Bay back on this year. Great festival! If they put it on we’ll be there.
Kieran: Would be good to do one or two of them. I reckon Rockness would be a good laugh if we managed to get it, I’ve always wanted to go and this would be a chance to get in free. I’m dead into that.
Ben: It’d be great to get on a few summer festivals, we’ll need to see what comes up! Would love to play a foreign festival though!

6:When you’re not touring, writing, or gigging, what do you get up to?
Gavin: In my spare time I like getting over to Murrayfield Ice Rink to watch the Edinburgh Capitals play ice hockey. I’d love to one day play a show in there. I reckon Ben could pull some sweet moves whilst playing a show on a pair of skates.
Fraser: I like to watch the HBO TV Series ‘The Wire’ – I just watch it through, then watch it again.
Kieran: I wish I could say playing football and being healthy but Fifa is usually as far as I get.
Ben: I can usually be found feeding the ducks in Linlithgow too! But seriously I listen to a lot of music and go to lots of gigs.

26th February sees the ‘Vessels & Veins’ ep launch at Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh.

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