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I'll Start a Fire (My Big Sister)

By • May 29th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Bristol’s Penfriend (aka Laura Kidd, formerly known as She Makes War) has released several singles recently before the album ‘Exotic Monsters’ is released this month.

This track is guitar-led, full of riffs and hooks, some spiky sounds in a classic indie vibe, complete with clattering drum and bass. It’s a song of self-expression, Laura’s defiant voice urging us to rise up and be ourselves. The influences stretch down the years, channelling a wee bit of shoegaze but mainly melodic lines which reference The Buzzcocks, Wedding Present and possibly Throwing Muses…

The Penfriend project has been seemingly pretty cathartic for Laura and BM looks forward to hearing the full album in due time.

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