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Exotic Monsters (My Big Sister)

By • Mar 3rd, 2021 • Category: Single review

Laura Kidd has been very busy under lockdown and this is her latest single. It is electronic but not too far from what she previously released as “She Makes War”.

There are analogue synth sounds, a burbling backbeat and Laura’s unique vocals, one of the best… There are pauses, some dramatic, and introspective lyrics, which recall some of St Vincent’s work as well as UK artists such as Goldfrapp, but BM sees these influences as going right back to the Banshees and other early 80s stuff, even Lene Lovich – and she knows it, this is a very self-aware artist!

This track is well worth checking out, as is her back catalogue – and here’s hoping we can all see her live at some point in the future…

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