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Your Church on my Bonfire (Ernest Jenning Record Co.)

By • May 8th, 2019 • Category: Album review

Is this really their forth long player? Well, it is and my God they have upped the songwriting quality to a point where it becomes quite sublime…

This is a very good record – 11 tracks with no filler; cliches about “maturing” could be used here but it is just better, with Philip’s voice to the fore and his words resounding throughout…

Highlights are too many to mention but opening track ‘What We Want’ powers through tragedy in the way that classic Snow Patrol have done (‘Final Straw’) and that is a compliment! has

‘Watering Hole’ pays some homage to mid-period REM and also maybe Idlewild, but no matter, this is Paws’ record and it is great.

It is a hard listen at times, there are reverberations of bad shit happening, and its effects… being burned in several ways.

But it’s a major step forward for one of Scotland’s hardest working and gigging bands.

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