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Paw Paw

Albino (Wired OK)

By • Aug 6th, 2007 • Category: Single review

I suppose it was inevitable that the success of the Scissor Sisters would generate a raft of imitators it’s just luck that we’ve managed to last this long. So first off the blocks are the Paddy Boom endorsed, London based trio Paw Paw. Electropop, proudly guitar free and sporting the ‘classic’ girl/girl/boy line-up pioneered by the Human League, Paw Paw are nothing if not entirely superfluous to life in 2007. The songs are ok, the ok that makes you want to go and listen to something better, like the aforementioned Human League. The photos at HYPERLINK “” show a trio of London hipsters looking smug and moody, and no-one needs that.

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