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Pale Fire

Husbands (Late Fragments)

By • May 24th, 2020 • Category: Single review

Indie-rock five-piece Pale Fire have given us another taster of their upcoming album through the track ‘Husbands’.

Last year, the band released single ‘Various Witches’ and earlier this year, we were gifted with the double A-side ‘Clucky’/’All The World’. Comparing these tracks with ‘Husbands’, there is no doubt that this will be a fresh and exciting album when the time comes for its release.

‘Husbands’ presents crystal clear and emotive, vocals which travel alongside their strikingly moving musical accompaniment.

Each instrument featured in the track plays a crucial role in bringing depth and feeling to the song. One does not overshadow the other, and each member is given the equal opportunity to continuously showcase their talents throughout ‘Husbands’.

Pale Fire’s poetic lyrics displays a sense of melancholy and uncertainty regarding the world around them, yet it requires several listens in order to unpack, and appreciate, what ‘Husbands’ is saying lyrically. However, upon the initial listen, the power, fluidity and strength of the single’s sonic quality is very clear.

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