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Kurt Godel (Goldmold)

By • Jan 14th, 2020 • Category: Single review

This track from Glasgow’s Outblinker was released back in October 2018 but appears to have reappeared on Bandcamp this week and it is so good that it deserves a belated review.

Spacey, proggy and riff-driven, the track builds into a crescendo of burbling and parping percussion, riffs and instrumental breakdowns (there are no vocals)… Outblinker have been somewhat quiet in Glasgow recently with one of their number Luigi busying himself recording other acts at Anchor Lane (see the ‘Songs From The Lane‘ compilation which is very good indeed).

Meanwhile this track continues to rise upwards to an unknown destination, as the guitar and bass attack grows stronger with each second and it becomes a scalding, white-hot fistfight of riffs, bangs and thuds – truly another superb Outblinker release.

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