short players (Scottish) Single review

Out of the Swim

Falkirk and Glasgow based band Out of the Swim are releasing their new single ‘The Garden’ this Friday (8th of May) and it is certainly an impressive introduction to those who are not already familiar with the band.

Although they have been floating around the Scottish music scene for quite some time, this track confirms that Out of the Swim are ready to claim their rightful place and share the music that they have dedicated time to crafting and perfecting.

Past releases from the band have been met with praise from the likes of previous Xfm Scotland presenter Dominik Diamond, BBC Radio Scotland’s Roddy Hart and online Scottish culture site Scots Wae Hae. Their music has been shared around a relatively small audience during the last few years; however, the standard of ‘The Garden’ implies that this may change soon.

The track begins in a rather minimalist way, with sharp, repetitive electronic sounds played alongside soft, dispersed piano chords. Booth’s haunting and tender vocals soon join this, sharing cryptic, yet descriptive lyrics which leave a lot for the listener to unpack.

As the track continues, it maintains the same musical foundation that is heard at the beginning however the subtle addition of further instrumental accompaniment, such as percussion and strings, create a complex and layered track which is alluring, both sonically and lyrically.

As ‘The Garden’ comes to an end, these sonic layers gradually begin to fade away, until we are left with a final, brief moment where Booth’s vocals stand alone.

‘The Garden’ is a track that highlights the intricacy of Out of the Swim and Annie Booth’s talent and is undoubtedly a successful collaboration between two artists whose styles gel together perfectly.

It also promises fantastic things from Out of the Swim’s EP which is due for release in the summer of this year. It will feature more collaborations with talented Scottish artists such as musician Adam Stafford, L-Space’s Lily Higham and Louise Ward and David King of Vulture Party.

The EP will also include music from cellist Susan Appelbe and trumpet player Robert Henderson – musicians who have experience playing with bands Belle & Sebastian and Arab Strap. And judging by ‘The Garden’ this will certainly be an EP to look forward to.