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Out of the Swim

Medieval Tummy (Last Night From Glasgow)

By • May 28th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Yet another release from the mighty LNFG (how do they do it?), this is a warped piece of psyched-up indie from Glasgow’s Out of the Swim.

Over a slightly skewed but fairly high bpm (is this updated triphop, sure sounds like it), the vocals rise and fall, with bizarre statements and questions – “do I work the land, or does the land work me?” Musings on capitalism and lockdown possibly, it certainly uses all four of the personnel involved in this recording. And the title – who knows?

BM last spotted this lot collaborating with LNFG artist Annie Booth (and there have been other collaborations) but this sounds like quite a departure… It is truly hard to pigeonhole the sound tbh – BM understands there is an album due next year, should be very interesting…

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