short players (Scottish) Single review

Out of the Swim

Falkirk/Glasgow four-piece Out of the Swim describe themselves as a band who “write songs for folk who feel like they’re swimming against the current.”
Keeping this in mind whilst listening to their new seven-track EP helps us to unpack the complexities of the sonic and lyrical journey that the record embarks upon.

Out of the Swim collaborate, on each track, with fellow musicians on the Scottish music scene, including Adam Stafford; Annie Booth; David King and Louise Ward of Vulture Party; and Lily Higham of L-Space.

The band have already released two singles from the record, ‘The Garden’ featuring the exquisite Annie Booth and ‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’ featuring renowned musician Adam Stafford. Listening to these songs, it becomes clear that Out of the Swim, and their collaborators, successfully worked together in order to create an authentic and compelling sound, which is maintained throughout the entirety of the EP.

Tracks such as ‘Through the Floors of a Starry Night’ and ‘Hold On’ combine delicate melodies with intimate lyrics in order to depict the experience of battling against conflicting emotions, or “swimming against the current.” Lily Higham provides sensuous and hypnotic vocals for ‘Dissolver’, which are accompanied by powerful rock beats and subtle jazz rhythms. The EP closes with Out of the Swim’s excellent remix of BBC Scotland’s 2018 Single of the Week, Carla J. Easton’s ‘Wanting What I Can’t Have’.

The standard of each song on the EP means that ‘The University of Skinflats’ must be recognised as an amalgamation of some of best talent that Scottish music has to offer at the moment. How convenient for us music fans to find this included in one EP!

The University of Skinflats is released on the 31st of July 2020.