Single review

Oscar Merry

Oscar Merry is a sole rocker who is a master of all trades. Furthermore, the Bristol-born upcomer has put together a hit which is the effort of his sweat and passion. Each sound which pops out on ‘Cower’ is put together by himself and it makes for an extraordinary listen given the fact that he sounds like he has a five-piece band rising behind him.

‘Cower’ offers a lot to any rock enthusiast. But, Merry does not close his door with just rock with plenty of genres creating the mix. Furthermore, indie hooks add weight to his structure, and a borderline screamo vocal adds fuel to the fire in awe-inspiring fashion. For me, I enjoy how the track opens. It is a strong leader, and the guitar which Oscar has layered is impressive. He combines a guitar effect which we do not hear all too often in the rock scene, and it makes him stand out truly on his own, which is delightful.

The verse is bitey, and the vocal from Oscar is tough to criticise. He sings with genuine courage and his conspicuous approach to singing his remarkable. However, I would enjoy a little more backing unity in places, especially in the chorus where it gets even more in-depth. The chorus hook is the highlight of the piece, as you would expect from a modern rock record. It is bold, and the fearless technique pays off with it, bringing a sound which could shake a stadium.

As the track progresses, new sounds arrive, and it concludes massively. Moreover, the finale is gigantic, and it will have you reaching for the air guitar in little time.

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