Album review


Under Duality is the debut album from Miami band organicArma. It’s a mix of techno and electronica which sends the listener on a trippy futuristic journey.
Although the music is mainly techno, the songs occasionally have dark undertones which give songs like ‘As Above So Below’ and ‘Fantasize’ an eerie vibe.
The album is a little weird but it works in the band’s favour as it’s strange but at the same time intriguing.
The first song on the album is ‘Love Is Not It All’ and it’s a great start to the tracklist. It’s a great dance song that has a bit more of an upbeat melody than others on the album.
‘Meteor’ is another stand out song on the album, with its heavy bassline and abstract vocals.
Every song on Under Duality has the potential to send the listener into a bit of a trance. You zone out of reality yet still manage to take the entire album in.
Under Duality is a great album for techno fans but if that’s not really your thing then the songs do have the potential to sound similar.
But if you like techno or electronica, Under Duality is worth a listen.