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Ok Button

Beds (OK Button)

By • Nov 23rd, 2018 • Category: Single review

This recently released track from Glasgow-based trio Ok Button has been causing quite a stir, and BM can see why.

It’s a mid-paced electro banger with shades of Chvrches, Helen Marnie, HQFU and possibly BooHooHoo in its pedigree.

There’s lot to like about the processed female vocals (presumably courtesy of Amber), its clipped instrumentation (presumably the two boys) and reflective lyrics musing on an age “before the microchip consumed us all” and “all the beds we made”.

It is dreamy and rather grim at the same time, often a feature of the best pop in BM’s opinion. They have one or two other tracks floating around t’internet (including a brave Leonard Cohen cover!), so look out for them, fresh fruit for rotting vegetables!

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