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Oh Captain

Come On Down (KFM)

By • Dec 22nd, 2020 • Category: Single review

Musicians Mark Lange and Kevin Lynch have teamed up to create a new musical project – Oh Captain.

Experience is not in short supply for this duo and neither is talent, judging by the duo’s new track ‘Come On Down’. Lange (Tiger, Tiger) has previously worked as a musician, vocalist and graphic designer alongside the likes of DJ Luke Soloman, whilst some may recognise Lynch from the Scottish 00s band Cruiser.

‘Come On Down’ is a track which fuses the spontaneity of pop with a raw indie-inspired musical and vocal style. The harmonic vocals ignite a feeling of optimism which is further encouraged through the increase in speed and energy of the chorus. Electronic riffs weave in between sharp, structured percussion and prominent electric guitar, yet the music leaves the required amount of space for the song’s detailed lyrics to fully grasp our attention.

Oh Captain have created fitting soundtrack to go alongside a mental picture of happier times to come, where we can fully embrace the positivity that ‘Come On Down’ radiates. It is important that we have tracks such as this to raise our spirits and remind us that there will be light at the end of the tunnel whilst we all struggle through the current circumstances. I know it will definitely be one of the first tracks I will play when I can eventually share a relaxed and well overdue drink with friends, whenever that time may come.

‘Come On Down’ is Oh Captain’s third track that has been produced by David Jack and it is due for release via KFM Records on the 21st of December.

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