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Nyx Nott

Radio Nyx (Melodic)

By • Dec 30th, 2019 • Category: Single review

Brand new material from Aidan Moffat under a new moniker Nyx Nott, this track is the first made available from an album due in 2020.

It is heavy, late-night lounge music, a bit like Barry Adamson if he hailed from the central belt of Scotland rather than Manchester.

There is a spoken intro by a dodgy late-night DJ (which sounds very convincing) then a wash of Barry White-esque sonic swirls and disembodied sax, coupled with dubby drums, very nice indeed and it does evoke a wee small hours noirish feeling.

“This is NYX and we are listening to the dark…” – another vocal segue also referencing “foxes by the bins”, very romantic, before the instrumental kicks in again, this time a meandering string section playing over these very evocative dub drums, then the drums fade out…the weather fades in (December in Scotland…).

Another vocal interlude, dedicating the next track to a rather dubious sounding list of “ladies of the night”, then “remember, it is always nighttime somewhere, night night…”

This third track has some mangled Hammond, a loping electronic percussion track and some other horror-esque sounds, not screaming exactly… it eventually grounds to a bass-heavy jolty halt.

The kiss-off again is ‘This is NYX’ – could this be a concept album, we will have to wait and see, but on the strength of this Moffat is moving on to his next project, and it sounds like a very good one… just don’t hang around his house at night…

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