Album review

Nik Freitas

Solo writer and multi-instrumentalist Nik Freitas returns with the unassuming and softly composed Saturday Night Underwater LP.

Opening with the piano led title track, Freitas’ vocal style holds a certain resemblance to Gomez frontman Ian Ball and in utilising an array of samples throughout, the album is not a million miles away from the Southport five pieces 2002 release, ‘In Our Gun’.

Comparisons aside, Saturday Night Underwater is a record with acoustic pop foundations that rarely delves in to uncharted territory, resulting in a bearable yet unmoving listening experience.

While ‘Noah and the Beached Whale’ roughly evokes suitable imagery for the record there are aspects worth salvaging from the wreckage of tedium, namely ‘Hold That Thought’; a catchy number with the audacity to include both foul language and a short guitar solo.

While the continued successes of Ben Folds gives reason for optimism to any such budding pop artist there is little to be gleaned from this latest offering and Freitas may do well to contemplate a more out-the-box approach upon any future endeavours.