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4-track demo (...)

By • Sep 21st, 2008 • Category: demonstration

It all starts so promisingly, until the sneery Liamesque vocals kick in… ignoring those (if you can) and MELA offer a Mary Chain-y churn with distorted guitars – indeed, a sound closer to Freeheat, the JAMC spinoff. There’s feedback aplenty but they’re no Glasvegas – whether this is a Good or Bad Thing is the listener’s decision, but the US accents on track 2 come as a surprise in the current climate! The third tune here is more acoustic but with sparse echoey production; indeed there’s a lot to be recommend on this, especially the closing offering’s shogazey, Stereolabby groove, the vocals being incidental here.
A 7” single exists with, judging by their myspace, 2 more untitled tracks on it. Judge for

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