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10 questions (posed by El Parks)

By • Oct 14th, 2010 • Category: Feature

All I can remember is calling a steward at the Bongo club incompetent after him telling me off for sneaky passing him into VIP. I drunkenly exclaim that had he not been so determined to get into the cloakroom girl, I wouldn’t have been able to sneak past him, so “Ha Ha” to that with two fingers!

A little while after that I try to climb a lamp post, and get taken home to sleep it off in an awkward position that leads to a sleepy nerve in my leg. Now I can’t walk properly and I have to contact PR people Badge of Friendship and tell them I can’t meet with Must Be Something. Gutted.

Two days later Stephen Gibbons, lead singer/songwriter from the Alloa/Glasgow four-piece alt.rock act, contacts me. He has heard about the old leg and says he’s on his way to see me bringing with him Lucozade and grapes. I feel like a King.

We hang out and watch the movie ‘In The Loop’, a film that had me in stitches (and caused my leg a bit of pain).

It was certainly a change of pace. On this occasion the artist came to see me. It certainly is one of the more unusual interviews and certainly a very relaxed one. We are nestled in amongst cushions (not together in an embrace, by the way, let’s nip that in the bud right now – I am a professional after all) and we quite simply have a laugh.

The questions, then:

1: There is no music in the world. What is your profession?
If music did not exist I would consider going back to working in a big warehouse lugging about expensive furniture…..but then with no music I’d just have to listen to sport on the radio.

2: If you could go back in time, where would you go and what/who would you like to see?
If I could travel back through time I would take full advantage of the power and after sorting out where I’d lost various wallets, keys and other mistakes, I’d tour the JFK assassination, find and nudge the shooter.
I’d chill out on the Ark and I’d need to check out the Garden of Eden too.

3: If you could come back to life as any animal would animal would you be?
Well, I wouldn’t want to walk the earth again so I’d go for either a golden eagle or a killer whale.
No, wait – a pterodactyl.

4: Would you rather be someone with no-one, or no-one with someone?
It’s not something I’ve thought about, never really been one to write people off as nobodys, so
I’d like to be someone with someone?

5: What bands have you supported so far, and which bands would you most like to work with?

We have opened for a lot of our favourite up-and-coming Scottish bands and friends – Aerials Up, Make Sparks, Song Of Return and Hercules Mandarin.
I would greatly enjoy working with any of the above, but in my dreams it would be great to mix it up with Muse, Biffy, Franz and The Strokes

6: Ideal woman?
I haven’t had a crush or feelings that way for a while, however, should Cupid decide to wield his crossbow in my direction, I’ll be sure to be standing close to Amy McDonald or Scarlett Johansenn…. we can all dream right?

7: Do you believe in fate? And if so give an example.
I guess so, events happen, an inevitable outcome is reached… it’s fate.
Must Be Something… meet up, we play music we enjoy when we reach our collective conclusion – that will have been our fate.
It’s ongoing so I’m excited to see what our fate has lined up for us.

8: What venue in the world would you most like to play at?
I think just about everyone says the Barrowland?
But before we played Tut’s it was Tut’s and we still have a great time every time we go back.
I’d love to play the main hall at the ABC – after that it has to be MSG, New York….aim high haha.

9:Saddest thing that has ever happened to you?
Take your pick …
When I was 14, sticking up for my friend against some older lads and getting a broken jaw for my efforts.
When I was 16 I had my appendix out, waking up in the recovery bay with no anaesthetic – hurt like hell till the good nurse brought some morphine.
There have been bereavements, and nothing quite matches the sadness that surrounds them.

Now, get the violins out! – music-wise, after a wondrous and then laughable chain of events missing out on a Franz support slot really did knock the wind out all our sails, after kicking ourselves we picked up and moved on. It’s the only way.

10: Happiest thing that has ever happened to you?
Again, any of these:
Getting my Batman costume as a five year old, the happiness of that will remain with me forever.
T in the Park ’05 will live long in my memory, getting picked out the crowd to play with Green Day was a startling feeling, to be at the front of such a huge crowd.
And getting through another recording session with MBS – always a pleasure never a chore!

Single ‘Breath In A Heartbeat’ is out now as a digital release from Targe Music.

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