short players (Scottish) Single review

Mummy Short Arms

Two tracks from Glasgow’s Mummy Short Arms, the oddly monikered gang of surrealists. There’s a fun, imaginative swing to these guys, with vocals reminiscent of Tom Waits, furious and broken as Frank Black, eking out syllables as if through shattered glass. ‘Change’ is an uptempo lollop through the desperation of life with all its glorious torturous calamities, violin bow screeching in sympathy, storming and relentless; ‘Where’s The Mortuary’ is just over three minutes (the perfect song length, by the way) of dastardly pop, all woozy rhythmic drumming and sweeping strings. “I polished my gun / a man’s gotta have fun” they rant, and as this edges towards a climax, I’m left wanting more.