Album review

Mt Wilson

Side projects can often send a shiver up and down the spine of many music fans as some of the less talented individuals of an act try to break out on their own only to reveal there was a reason that they were the lesser known one of the group. This definitely cannot be said about Jim Putnam of Radar Bros fame and his appearance as Mt Wilson and the ‘Repeater’ album is a welcome and immensely likable addition to his recorded output.

Rarely breaking out of stride, the album manages to produce layer after layer of melodic vocals and heavy strums that may not get you running but it’s a fairly comfortable journey from start to finish. Inducing whistling to ‘Island In The Sun’ works a treat and musically, it’s as relaxing as you could hope to hear.

Given the quality of Putnams day job you wouldn’t recommend that he gives it up but future visits from Mt Wilson would be warmly appreciated.