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Mt. Doubt / Foreignfox

Tourists / Lights Out, Carry Me Home (Scottish Fiction)

By • Mar 4th, 2017 • Category: short players

This is a cracking split single (due out near the end of March 2017) from two very current and bubbling Scottish acts, and both tracks fairly blister.

First up is Edinburgh based Mt. Doubt, who BM has only seen as an acoustic duo, but this full band effort is rocking, cynical and melodic in equal measure. This starts quite calmly before really put the boot into the privilege of tourism. There is a wee hint of ‘Bohemian Like You’ by The Dandy Warhols in its internal mockings of people who want to go on holiday somewhere.

Possibly the survivor of some really bad holiday experiences, singer Leo Bargery rails against “tourists” against a clanking chugging mid-pace backing, some really blasting guitars and other meaty instrumentation, is this the bastard son of ‘Holidays in the Sun’ by The Sex Pistols?

There is a beautiful middle eight before another chorus (with great backing vocals and beaming guitar tremolo towards the end). Dubrovnik gets a kicking, Cadiz, Southend on Sea – look, Leo, Betty was thinking of a wee jaunt “Doon the Watter”, is that ok with you – no? Oh fuck, not even a daytrip? – excellent song by an excellent band who are growing in ideas and confidence by the day…

So Mt. Doubt were a known quantity to BM (ie she knew they were good, although that was even better than expected) but Foreignfox were an unknown quantity. Well they aren’t now!

‘Lights Out, Carry Me Home’ starts with an acapella intro (like a lone voice at closing time, “Carry me home” etc) but quickly builds into a brooding reflection on the struggles of life (“I tried to drown my sorrows but those bastards learned to… swim”). The instrumentation is attacking and immense, the tempo fast and furious.

The guitar solo which kicks in about two-thirds though is wrenching, the vocals desperate. This could be 2017’s first true anthem. Good god, it leaves BM breathless and panting for more. Comparisons fail at the moment, none bar maybe Idlewild at their most raw. A stunning track. End of.

There is more material from both bands due soon so hold onto yer gussets people, this could be a very good year for both, and up the split single, good for both bands here, and thanks to Scottish Fiction for this move as well.

Available at the Scottish Fiction Bandcamp page

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