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Mt. Doubt

Unravelling (Scottish Fiction)

By • Apr 3rd, 2019 • Category: Single review

First new music of 2019 from The Doubts, this track expands their scope musically and lyrically. Produced by Rob Jones, the pace starts at a lollop as the verse builds nicely, Leo informing us in his rich voice that he is “an outlier”! Verse two has a great bassy guitar line as we get further details of the study of the “typography of faces”…

The chorus is a lovely male/female duet (with Annie Booth presumably) with Leo spelling out U N R A V E L L I N G while the guitar and keyboard thread around him.

The songs seems to describe frustrations with the modern preoccupations of digital media with a plea for us all to open our eyes and look around at the natural world around us – good advice! And great to have them back in action in 2019.

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