short players (Scottish) Single review

Monica Queen

This new track by Monica Queen is a cover of the old Captain Beefheart track (from 1972’s ‘Clear Spot’ album).

It is available through Creeping Bent’s new Patreon platform (£5 a month membership for new and old tracks, plus other related content, available via their FB page).

Monica has contributed so much to the Scottish music scene over the years with releases and gigs (Thrum, Tenement and Temple, Gracious Losers) and this is a great cover, embellished by some squalling guitar from partner in crime Johnny Smillie.

The arrangement plays to Monica’s incredible voice, the vocal high in the mix, and it accentuates the bluesy, slightly Rolling Stones vibe.

An optimistic track for these lockdown times, and a great performance from Ms Queen!