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Celebration (Mink)

By • May 4th, 2020 • Category: Album review

This is just some lovely music – not sure what genre it fits into but there is great guitar work, soulful vocals and a great backline…

Opener ‘Ambition’ is full of burbulling ideas, and some catchy riffs… definitely ones to watch…

‘Curtis’ similarly riff-heavy with some great grooves… and the vocals, shades of Talk Talk in their later stages, very good indeed. It is a long track, which builds up rather nicely, god this is quite an epic, over 5 minutes with some nifty solos… quality stuff indeed!

‘Ambulance’ is another high point, with a flavour of The Blue Nile, and that is praise indeed, they just have something, that definite something and this release brings it out…

Similarly ‘Lloyd’s Tune’, which is again a laid-back lament and highly impressive.

In all thisseven-track album is quite a revelation – seek it out, people!

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