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Molly Linen / Victoria Hume / Lost Map DJs

Glasgow Camphill Gate (Saturday July 27th)

By • Aug 18th, 2019 • Category: Gig review

This was the first of the summer’s Camphill Gate fundraisers, which had the involvement of Lost Map Records, trying to raise funds and awareness for a communal repair in this most venerable of southside Glasgow tenement locations (the actual timeline of events leading to the massive bill is truly a series of unfortunate events and some people should really be sued or prosecuted for this, but anyway… they are where they are with this, trying their best to shake it off).

A five-story gaff just off Shawlands Cross, the views from the roof (including a great view of The Shed, Queen’s Park and other local landmarks, are amazing). Even more amazing is the event up here, free (donations welcome) to punters and featuring a couple of great acts (BM won’t use the patronising “up and coming” thing for them).

The rain was not a problem as local residents had set up tarps, a reasonably priced bar and a great vibe (respect mainly to Anna, who has been the driving force here). Glad Cafe has managed to clear its share of the debt by invoking their big guns (Deacon Blue, Aidan Moffat and others) but are also very supportive of these events. Toilet facilities are rather sweetly provided by local residents…

BM arrived a bit too late to hear much of Victoria Hume’s set, a bit of a shame as it sounded pretty good, playing on keyboards and guitar, thoughtful, slightly melancholy songs, but can’t say much more than that. She has released music on Lost Map, and BM thinks she played at least a couple of these, maybe ‘Suspension’ and ‘Closing’… definitely one to watch!

BM has seen Molly Linen at The Glad before, and this five-piece from the Glasgow area are growing in range and confidence. This was still a semi-acoustic gig so they didn’t really get the chance to let rip. The seven song set comprised a couple from the self-released single (‘Away’ and ‘Over That Hill’) plus the vocals and guitar only ‘Molly’s Song’ and closer “Outside”. And all that BM can say is that there is something about the voice, the guitar, the backing bass, keys etc which really gets to you. Is it early Everything But The Girl, is it something observational about family ties, actually is it something like The Cure – BM pondered this quite a bit during the set, where unfortunately some arseholes began yapping, there is no fucking excuse for this, but anyway… This band has something, and BM is not trying to clone them, but they last in the memory…

Anyway, fair play also to sound and lights guys who competed with some heavy weather – Lost Map DJs including DJ Dogshit (special mention!) continued to rip it up and provide cheesy and danceable tunes for a while yet (including that Romeo Taylor banger ‘King of Scotland’) – a great night, roll on the next one…

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