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Molly Linen

Tomorrow's Garden (Lost Map)

By • Apr 15th, 2021 • Category: Single review

Molly is Glasgow-based, and with a back catalogue already containing several singles and EPs, this is the start of a series of releases.

Available on Bandcamp and also as part of Lost Map’s “Postmap” subscription service, ‘Tomorrow’s Garden’ is sparse, only an organ drone and an acoustic guitar accompany Molly’s expressive voice. Recorded at Green Door studios, it has a still atmosphere which draws the listener in…

It is a song of isolation, regrets, but maybe hopeful in the end, entreating a friend/lover to live up to their potential.

Very affecting and switching between stark atonal notes and a few chords, it finishes with some beautiful descending vocal notes – BM looks forward to the next instalment from Molly Linen.

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