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Mogwai / RM Hubbert

Both RM Hubbert and Mogwai are riding on the crest of a wave at the moment.
After lifting the SAY award last year for his Thirteen Lost and Found album, this was Hubby’s second appearance at this year’s Celtic Connections.

As with that first show he would be joined later by Aidan Moffat

Humble and self effacing as usual he treated the audience to songs and tunes and songs of love, and loss.

The Ayrshire-based guitarist told tales of scaring the golfers in Troon and introduced the concept of the “Buckstacy” cocktail (which is exactly as bad as you’d imagine it to be).

Tonight, however, the only intoxication came from from Hubby’s performance.

A year short of their 20th in ‘showbusiness’, and this week having scored their first top 10 album, Mogwai makde something of a triumphant ruturn to their home city for this sold out gig at the Royal Concert Hall.

Which probably makes them a perfect lesson in staying true to your work.

A pre-gig glimpse of the setlist leaves us asking are they really going to play 60 songs?

Quietly epic is how their more recent career seems and that’s how this night starts as they ease us in with some of the slower and more atmospheric songs.

Which is great news for those of us who forgot their earplugs.

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