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Music Industry 3. Fitness Industry 1. (Rock Action)

By • Nov 11th, 2014 • Category: short players

So, boys and girls, in a “year like no other” (copyright Radio Scotland) and certainly a very full year for Mogwai, we have an unexpected bonus.
Releasing on 1 December (possible Christmas single campaign ahoy!), it’s the only time of year that TOTP appears on TV so could this be a final bid to tick that box?

The band released a new album early in 2014, the very well-received ‘Rave Tapes’ cementing yet again their reputation as one of the most consistently original, varied, and valuable acts from these shores. They toured extensively in the UK and elsewhere, with more gigs in Scotland than for quite some time. Celtic Connections, The Last Weekend in Richmond Park and their appearance at the Yes Scotland Tommy Shepherd-organised event at the Usher Hall were but some of the one-off highlights but there were many others.

And then we get this.

Six tunes – three new (from the Rave Tapes sessions), three remixes. But it’s lead track ‘Teenage Exorcists’ that will attract most attention – it is, BM would have to say, something of a surprise, and then a downright revelation – this band continues to surprise and challenge their audience again, after so many years, just incredible.

The track (about 3mins 30s, a good pop single length, BM was thinking, but surely not?) starts and ends with a blast of Hammer-esque Hammond-ish keyboard, a prelude and coda to the main event. Immediately we are into a pretty high tempo guitar-led rocker, a searing, soaring riff propelling the music forward, and then, OMG, a clear vocal line. A vocal (by Stuart presumably) both tender and menacing at the same time, almost crooning the words above the racket…”Tried to turn it back, Dark and certain, Apology accepted”, then “I said nothing, I said too much”, possibly channelling REM’s ‘Losing My Religion’.

A squawling middle eight guitar theme then back to the unsettling chorus. Far more pop-orientated than most of Mogwai’s previous output, save possibly ‘Hunted by a Freak’, this could give them some more mainstream exposure if certain radio stations pick it up, here’s hoping.

It certainly has put Betty all of a fluster, an unexpected treat in the week the main supermarkets release their ridiculously expensive Christmas shopping cover version videos, let’s not even get started on that (legal dept at the ready, no really can’t be bothered when there’s a track like this, maybe Mogwai could link up with Lidl…).

With series deux of ‘Les Revenants’ in the pipeline, let’s hope this is the main theme, it would certainly chime with the atmosphere of first series. Regina Spector managed to shoehorn a decent track as theme for ‘Orange Is The New Black’ so let’s be optimistic – the next step towards Mogwai world domination.

So thankyou Mogwai for one helluva year, and here’s looking at yous young team kids, from this old broad.

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