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Modern Studies

Mud and Flame (Fire)

By • Mar 1st, 2018 • Category: long players

So Scottish/Yorkshire baroque chamber pop combo Modern Studies are back with the lead single for their second long player ‘Welcome Strangers’, to be released on Fire Records in May.
‘Mud and Flame’ starts with some analogue belches and then goes into a nice strumming mid-tempo groove. The seemingly stream-driven keyboards shimmer and the melody soars before a throaty male/female duet comes in.
It’s a folky outing, with references to lighting flames, some guitar licks and backing vocals giving a very warm sound. Organic, earthy and very catchy… The Watersons vs Public Service Broadcasting, anyone?

As the track goes on to a full five minutes, the four-piece place further layers of instrumentation onto an already brimming sonic background – BM is very excited about that next album, having witnessed the band in action last year at The Glad Cafe in Glasgow – Modern Studies rock, in a very reassuring way… lovely!

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