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MJ Hibbett

Still Valid (AAS)

By • Jul 21st, 2016 • Category: Album review

The march of time is clearly felt by Hibbett and chums, so hopefully they’ll not regret the four years spent on this release. Happily, the result is 11 tracks that sound vibrant and urgent. The BBC 6music perennials offer a whimsical take on nostalgia and growing old, with a fiddle-driven backing picking out the frontman’s singalong lyrics. ‘20 Things To Do Before You’re 30’ sums up Hibbett’s fear of “eating shortbread and collecting Allen keys” alongside a dissatisfaction with the “gene puddle” of modern politics. Billy Bragg is a handy reference as are Half Man Half Biscuit with observations on X-Men, Chaucer and curry. So, well worth the wait – but without wanting to sound portentous, better crack on with the next one, eh?

(This review originally appeared in the Peterborough Telegraph)

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