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Everett Trap (MM)

By • Aug 28th, 2017 • Category: Album review

A full seven years on from their ‘St Peter Port Memorial’ debut, this Glasgow trio have lost nothing of their adventurous spirit or grasp of warped pop hooks.

Opener ‘Wind Stripping’ is an almost maudlin start, a brass band-like swell giving way to pounding tribal drumming. On ‘Knifeback’ drums sound and synths squall in the background while an insistent hook rings out.

Treading the ground where Flaming Lips and Dawn of the Replicants collide, each of the 11 tunes is some sort of mini-opera, despite most of the tracks coming in around the three minute mark. All in all, evidence that some things are worth waiting for…

(This review originally appeared in the Fife Free Press)

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