Single review

Minna Ora

Minna Ora is leaping out of her homeland of Finland with her latest release, ‘Sea’.

It is an indie-folk track at heart, but it has plenty of variation inside of the mix which propels it into a post-genre category.

It gets underway with a monumental overture with a thunderous brush of the cymbals. From the outset, it reminds me of something from a film score. It is most likely because of its theatrical nature, and this vibe follows through into the verse.

In the verse and chorus sections, Minna shines with her vocal performance. Her tone is delightful, and although it stays close to the greats in folk, it isn’t a mirror reflection of what we have come across before. Moreover, she has a distinct quality while staying true to the scene, and her indie influences peak out of her folky texture as she sings through her melodies.

Musically, the track is rich with flavour. I relish how Minna introduces new sounds to her pallet, and although some instruments stay relatively distant in the mix, it still works well. Also, it gives room for her powerful vocal to glow and the lead guitar rhythm the air to drive us forward on our adventure.

‘Sea’ is that track which sounds even better the more you listen. For me, each listen brings something new, and I cannot help but find myself gravitating towards her every time I hit play. Is it her contagious charm or her innovative songwriting approach? Who knows, but whatever it is, it serves!

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